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C1D1 Explosion Proof Sounders

C1D1 Explosion Proof Sounders

Introducing the new range of Division 1 certified explosion proof alarm sounders, combined xenon beacons and sounders and loud speakers.

The new D1x range consists of alarm horn sounders either employing a traditional D1xC2X05R Radial Alarm Horn Sounderflare horn design, or the compact radial horn design which distributes sound omni-directionally also available with a combined xenon strobe beacon providing a compact powerful audible and visual alarm solution for hazardous areas.

The radial horn sounder design enables the beacon to be oriented optimally in any
direction. Strobe versions include 5 or 10 Joules with candela outputs of up to
1,000,000cd. Available in seven colors with a UV stable PC, field replaceable, filter.1-22-150_D1xS2F_Group
The flare version alarm horn sounders are available in sound
pressure levels of up to 117 and 125dB(A). New, powerful loudspeakers complete the line up.

Click here for more detailed information on our range of hazardous area audible alarms.

Posted by Edward Beardshaw / Posted on 11 Aug
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