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Category: Process Instrumentation

SIL-Rated Safety Relays Manual

SIL-Rated Safety Relays and Informative Safety Manual SIL Manual: Safety Instrumented System (3rd edition) is now available. G.M. International’s years of experience in safety and electronics has lead to the development of this comprehensive manual on IEC61508 and IEC 61511. The first two editions have already been of great benefit to engineers, maintenance personnel and
  • Posted by Edward Beardshaw / Posted on 18 Dec / 0 Comments
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Mobile PC/PDA built on a unique modular platform

i.roc Ci70-Ex is a mobile PC/PDA built on a unique modular platform benefits from widely tested and proven Intermec® hardware and application software. Multicore OMAP 1GHz processor runs Windows® Embedded Handheld 6.5.3. Interchangeable bar code and RFID scanning heads. Brilliant Gorilla Glass VGA display. Centralized device management for enterprise environments. Intrinisic safety certification for seamless
  • Posted by Edward Beardshaw / Posted on 16 Jan / 0 Comments
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D5000 Series…intrinsic safety on a new level

D5000 Series are taking intrinsic safety to a new level. These galvanically isolated barriers have SIL3 ratings for use in high integrity systems. The latest technology provides even higher packing density, reliability and performance, while meeting ‘green’ objectives with lower heat dissipation. Single and multi-channel models to satisfy many I/O applications. FM Approval for U.S.
  • Posted by Edward Beardshaw / Posted on 16 Sep / 0 Comments
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iTAG500…UHF RFID tags are now FM approved

iTAG500 are UHF RFID tags that are now FM approved for the U.S. and Canada. Readable up to 115 ft / 35m, excellent read signal, on, off, and near metals & liquids. Built with Omni-ID™ plasmonic technology. Rugged, durable construction. Optimized 860-960MHz for global functionality, and have ATEX & IECEx intrinsic safety certification in addition
  • Posted by Edward Beardshaw / Posted on 16 Jun / 0 Comments
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Static control system for loading trucks

Earth-Rite MGV, a new static control system for vacuum loading trucks, checks the viability of the ground connection before material transfer can begin, then continuously monitors the status. The system is CSA approved for Class I II II, Division 2 hazardous locations in the U.S & Canada, also ATEX & IECEx certified. Powered from the
  • Posted by Edward Beardshaw / Posted on 16 Oct / 0 Comments
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