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Beka Serial Operator Interface Displays

Beka Serial Data Displays used as an Operator Interface

Photo of Beka intrinsically safe configurable serial data displays

  • Intrinsically safe
  • FM U.S. and Canadian approvals
  • ATEX and IECEx certification
  • High contrast display with backlight
  • Communication from safe area via galvanic isolator
  • Operator push buttons & switch outputs
  • Field & panel mounting models
  • BEKA, Modbus, MTL protocols
  • Replace obsolete MTL 643 & 644

These two intrinsically safe instruments can display text and simple graphics in a hazardous area. Incorporating a high contrast backlit display, push-buttons and solid state outputs, they constitute low cost operator interfaces which are ideal for simple machine and process control applications.

Communication is normally via a two-wire serial data link, which also supplies powers to the text display from a single galvanically isolated safety barrier located in the safe area. A second display can be supported by the same isolator. A third and fourth display can be connected via a three-wire system.

BEKA protocol enables text to be written anywhere on the screen in five different font sizes, together with lines, boxes, bargraphs and simple bitmap graphics. A free programming guide and an instrument simulator package, which will run on a personal computer may be downloaded by clicking here. The simulator demonstrates the capabilities of the serial text display and the attached programming utilities enable applicational software to be developed without any additional hardware.

Recent upgrades include Modbus protocol and now permit up to eight variables to be displayed on one of nine standard screens. You can also create your own custom screen layout. Apart from addressing the required text display register, no programming is required which simplifies interfacing.

Obsolete MTL Model 643 & 644 text displays can be easily replaced by virtue of the built-in legacy protocol. Thus existing installations may be upgraded to include display backlighting and the latest certification without any programming changes.

Proprietary weighing applications benefit from ASCII pattern matching which enables a high level of programmed customization. In this mode the serial data displays provide remote indication of a variety of data, plus operator push-buttons for such functions as “print” and “zero”. Even corporate logos can be displayed at power-up. Learn more…

Model No.
Panel 144x72mm
Front IP65, Rear IP20
Factory Mutual, ATEX, IECEx — see more info below
Operator Push Buttons
Optional Remote
Operator Push Buttons
Solid State Outputs