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Grounding System for Type C FIBC “Big Bags”

Static Grounding System for Type C FIBC “Big Bags” in Hazardous Locations

Provides active monitoring and status indication, plus safety interlock and alarm capability

Photo of Newson-Gale FIBC static control moduleIllustration showing Earth-Rite FIBC system hooked up to a Type C static dissapative bagEarth-Rite FIBC System

  • Insures correct grounding
  • Checks condition of dissipative bag
  • Includes interlock control & alarm contacts
  • Intrinsically safe sensing circuit
  • Bright LED status indication
  • Self testing
  • May be used with other static dissipative containers
  • CSA US & Canada approved for Class I II III, Division 2, Groups A-G
  • ATEX & IECEx certified
  • Division 1 & Zone 1 versions also available

Problem: dangerous build up of electrostatic charges during filling and emptying FIBC bags.The use of Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBCs) has grown with the worldwide transportation of powdered, flaked and granulated products. While this has increased productivity and efficiency, it has also created a safety issue involving the potential build up and discharge of electrostatic charges.As the FIBC is filled there is a steady accumulation of static charge which may result in spark discharges from the surface of the FIBC, or charging of adjacent isolated conductors by induction. This may in turn provide sufficient energy for ignition of flammable vapours and suspended dust, not to mention dangerous physiological shocks.Type C “anti-static” or “conductive” bags minimize the risk by the use of either interwoven conductive threads or other static dissipative materials.The container is then earthed/grounded using one or more clamps attached to designated tags, enabling static charges to dissipate.Even when Type C FIBCs are used, questions remain:

  • Has the operator correctly fitted the clamp(s) and effectively grounded the bag?
  • Has the bag lost some of it’s anti-static properties through damage or wear and tear?
  • Is the operator using the correct FIBC type?

Solution: Earth-Rite FIBC static monitoring system with control & alarm interlocks.The Earth-Rite FIBC system can check that Type C anti-static FIBCs have the correct static dissipative qualities and are correctly grounded/earthed. Bright red and green LEDs confirm the status of the bag ground connection to the operator. In addition, two relay contacts are provided to create a safety interlock via PLCs, etc., and to initiate an alarm in the event that the required conditions are not met.The control interlock will permit product transfer only when the resistance through the container grounding loop is less than 1×10^7Ωor 1×10^8Ω (depending on model). Alternative measuring ranges can be provided to special order, or to suit different types of container.The system utilises a stainless steel monitoring clamp which should be attached to the conductive ground loop of the FIBC. This clamp is connected via a chemical and abrasion resistant Hytrel-coated spiral cable and forms the monitoring connection so that the resistance through the bag and down to ground can be measured. The static dissipation path is normally provided by the lifting hooks which should be bonded to ground. If not, we can provide a separate grounding clamp and cable for the purpose.The monitoring system includes a separate junction box with insulated stowage pin for the sensing grounding clamp and cable.Ask Exloc about systems certified for Division 1 & Zone 1 areas.

Mark of certification to IECEx standardsMark of certification to the ATEX DirectiveMark of CSA approval for the USA and Canada

Earth-Rite FIBC Basic Specification
CSA (US & Canada) Approval Class I, Division 2, Groups A-D; Class II Div 2, Groups E,F,G; Class III, Div 2.
ATEX & IECEx Certification Ex nA nC [ia] IIC T4 Gc(Ga); Ex tb IIC T70°C Db; Ex II 3(1) G; Ex II 2D; Ta= -40°C to +55°C
Bag Clamp Type X45F with rounded stainless steel tip
Body material: 304 stainless steel
Body length: 4.70″/120mm
Control / Monitor Unit Housing material: carbon-loaded GRP
Weight: 3.3 lbs / 1.5 kg
Cable Hytrel coated spiral single conductor cable, fitted with in-line quick-connect.
Monitored Resistance 1×10^7Ω or 1×10^8Ω (depending on model).
Status Indication Red / green LED indication.
Power Supply 108/125V or 216/250V AC 50-60 Hz
Power Rating 10 watt
Output Relay Contact Two voltage free change-over switch contacts, 250VAC, 5A, 500VA max. resistive load
Ambient Temperature Range -13°F to +122°F / -40°C to +55°C
Ingress Protection NEMA 4X / IP66
Options 12 or 24 VDC power supply
EXP housing for Division 1 / Zone 1 hazardous locations
Additional X45F clamp & cable to ground FIBC bag to plant grounding system
Audible sounders and flashing beacons
Earth-Rite FIBC Available Models
CSA (CUS), 1×10^8Ω:
Earth-Rite FIBC 1×10^8Ω monitoring system + X45F stainless steel clamp + 16 feet / 5 m Hytrel cable + junction box with Quick Connect.
CSA (CUS), 1×10^7Ω:
Earth-Rite FIBC 1×10^7Ω monitoring system + X45F stainless steel clamp + 16 feet / 5 m Hytrel cable + junction box with Quick Connect.
ATEX & IECEx, 1×10^8Ω:
Earth-Rite FIBC 1×10^8Ω monitoring system + X45F stainless steel clamp + 16 feet / 5 m Hytrel cable + junction box with Quick Connect.
ATEX & IECEx, 1×10^7Ω:
Earth-Rite FIBC 1×10^7Ω monitoring system + X45F stainless steel clamp + 16 feet / 5 m Hytrel cable + junction box with Quick Connect.