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i.safe MOBILE DS930.1 Docking Station for the IS930.1 and IS930.2 Tablets

The DS930.1 docking station is the perfect addition to the i.safe MOBILE tablets of the IS930 series for charging and connecting additional devices. With the Gigabit network connection (RJ45 Ethernet) the tablets can be quickly integrated into the local network. This ensures uncomplicated access to large amounts of data. In addition, there are three USB ports on the back, which allow a variety of devices such as mouse, keyboard, USB data stick to be connected to make work even more efficient. Furthermore, the docking station is characterized by a high stability and slip resistance.

i.safe MOBILE Lanyard/Handstrap Set for IS930 Tablet Series and IS530 Smartphone Series

More safety and simplified handling in daily work, keeping the devices safely in your hand or around your neck: the new 3-piece lanyard/handstrap set for the various i.safe MOBILE devices.

The set consists of the system adapter as well as the tear-resistant, length-adjustable lanyard and the hand strap. The hand strap and the lanyard can be easily detached from the system adapter and reattached by means of a pressure lock. The antistatic strap prevents the danger of electrostatic discharge and ignition of the explosive atmosphere. In addition, the lanyard is equipped with a safety lock at the neck, which opens as soon as it is pulled.

i.safe MOBILE 4-Point Harness System for IS930.1 and IS930.2 Tablets

The 4-point harness system provides safety and above all support when working in the Ex-area. The main material used is Cordura® (nylon fabric), which is impregnated with Teflon on the outside to make it particularly dirt-repellent, and is waterproof with a PVC coating on the back. This is, just like the used webbing, antistatically equipped and thus prevents the danger of electrostatic discharge and ignition of explosive atmospheres.

The carrying strap system ensures safe carrying in front of the body and consists of an ergonomic back harness with extra large contact areas on the shoulders. The strap adjustment options allow the working height and angle of inclination to be adjusted as required.

The 4-point harness system is compatible with the IS930 series and in combination with the new leather case. Furthermore, the carrying strap system can be attached to the leather protective bag with snap fasteners.

i.safe MOBILE PANZERGLASS™ Screen Protector for IS530.1 and IS530.2 Smartphones

For maximum protection against scratches and other damage, protect your i.safe MOBILE devices IS530.1 and IS530.2 with the original PanzerGlass™. Enjoy easy installation with this impact and scratch resistant, oil abrasion resistance and anti-fingerprint screen protector. It has 100% touch function. Constructed with specially hardened glass material: hardness grade 9H, which corresponds to the hardness of sapphire glass.

i.safe MOBILE Belt Holder with CONTACT® PRO for the IS930.1 and IS930.2 Tablets

The Belt Holder with Contact® Pro allows the IS930.1 and IS930.2 to be easily and securely attached to a stable tool belt. With the integrated kontakt® Pro adapter, the devices can be plugged in safely and quickly, ensuring one-handed operation. To remove the device, simply swivel forward 90 degrees and lift upward without resistance. The device can be remounted in any position. The proven clip technology is also used for radios by police and firefighters.

The belt clip is compatible with the following devices: IS930.1 and IS930.2.

i.safe MOBILE MC930.1 Multicharger for the IS930.1 and IS930.2 Tablets

The MC930.1 Multicharger allows charging of up to six devices at the same time via USB type C. It is compatible with the IS930.1 and IS930.2.


The lightweight IS-RSM2.1 remote speaker microphone is specially designed for PTT applications. With its robust housing and safe ISM interface, it is an ideal addition to our IS530.1 smartphone.

  • loud speaker dynamic & 3-stage volume control
  • power supply over the connected device
  • push-to-talk
  • intercom and volume control

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