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Intrinsically Safe Cameras

Handheld digital cameras are customary workplace equipment in many industries, but conventional devices of this type can be a serious safety risk in hazardous-area environments where flammable gasses, dust, or vapors can be easily ignited by heat or sparks. That’s why explosion-proof / intrinsically safe cameras are commonly used instead in these kinds of environments, as these cameras are engineered to prevent the release of electrical or thermal energy that could ignite the surrounding atmosphere.

The safety benefits of explosion-proof cameras have made them essential equipment in a variety of industries, including the oil & gas, mining, transportation, and manufacturing sectors. These devices can aid several important activities in such environments, including:

  • Inspection and monitoringIntrinsically safe cameras enable visual inspection and monitoring of equipment, processes, and areas in hazardous environments. They allow operators and technicians to remotely view critical components, machinery, or inaccessible areas to identify potential issues, assess safety conditions, and conduct routine inspections.
  • Incident investigation – In the event of an incident or accident in a hazardous area, explosion-proof cameras can be used for post-incident investigation. These cameras capture visual evidence that can help determine the cause of the incident and aid in subsequent analysis and corrective actions.
  • Maintenance and repairIntrinsically safe cameras are valuable tools for maintenance and repair activities in hazardous environments. They allow technicians to visually inspect equipment, wiring, and connections, which can help enormously in facilitating troubleshooting procedures.
  • Documentation and compliance – Explosion-proof cameras play a role in documentation and compliance with safety regulations. They capture visual records that can be used for documentation, reporting, and demonstrating compliance with industry standards.
  • Emergency response and evacuation – In emergency situations, intrinsically safe digital cameras aid response teams in assessing the situation and making informed decisions. These cameras can be deployed to provide real-time visual information to emergency responders, helping them coordinate response efforts and ensure the safe evacuation of personnel.

Any company that requires high-quality intrinsically safe cameras for use in hazardous-area environments will find what they need in Exloc’s online catalog. 

In addition to standard explosion-proof digital cameras, we offer a selection of thermal cameras that can accurately detect and map heat patterns. These cameras operate by capturing and displaying the thermal energy emitted by objects and environments, enabling users to identify temperature variations and anomalies. They provide support for a wide range of electrical and mechanical inspections, including HVAC system analysis, and can detect temperatures ranging from -40°C to 330°C. All this is possible while the user is kept safe from accidental ignition of any flammable materials in the area. 

We’re proud to bring our customers the finest cameras from leading manufacturers i.safe MOBILE, Extronics and Armadex. Feel free to explore the products listed in this section to learn more about these world-class cameras. If you have questions or concerns about our explosion-proof cameras, or any of the other products on our website, please contact us by calling 281-978-2040, or press the “Chat with us” button on the right-hand side of the screen.


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