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Intrinsically Safe / Explosion-Proof Cell Phones

Cell phones can be found in a wide range of worksites, and are often deployed to enable quick communication among employees. But conventional cell phones are unsafe to use in hazardous area environments—that is, any place where flammable gas, dust, vapors, or other combustibles are present in the air. The solution to this problem is to provide employees with intrinsically safe phones. Exloc Instruments is proud to offer our customers a selection of high-quality intrinsically safe and explosion-proof cell phones from today’s leading manufacturers.

Intrinsically safe phones are specially designed and manufactured to eliminate the dangers linked to the use of conventional phones. They are typically made from durable non-sparking materials to avoid igniting flammable gasses or materials in hazardous area environments. They also usually have reduced power output compared with conventional cell phones, which helps minimize the risk of creating heat or sparks that might trigger a fire or explosion. Furthermore, many intrinsically safe phones are made to be usable by workers who wear heavy gloves.

The presence of these safety features does not interfere with the functionality of the device— explosion-proof cell phones can transmit calls and texts just as well as standard cell phones. That’s why intrinsically safe phones are widely used by industries with hazardous area environments, including the agricultural, mining, oil and gas, public utilities, emergency services (such as firefighting), and chemical processing sectors.

All devices offered by Exloc in this section conform to the highest standards in intrinsically safe design. Each intrinsically safe phone listed here conforms to the safety specifications of one or more regulatory bodies, such as ATEX, IECEx, NEC, EU/UK, CSA, PCEC (Philippines), INMETRO (Brazil), KCs (South Korea), SANS (South Africa), JNIOSH (Japan), and/or EAC.

Available features vary by model. Our intrinsically safe phones may include Push-to-Talk (PTT), SOS button, Near Field Communication (NFC), quick charging (w/ magnetic charging port), amplified loudspeaker, or ISM interface, in addition to other useful features.

Feel free to explore this section for Exloc’s current inventory of intrinsically safe phones. We also carry intrinsically safe thermal cameras that can be used in conjunction with an intrinsically safe phone. These cameras are helpful for hazardous area environments where hands-off operation is needed. All devices come with a warranty; a 3-year service level agreement can be purchased for an extra fee.

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