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Intrinsically Safe Tablets

Exloc Instruments is proud to offer a variety of intrinsically safe tablets and related accessories from today’s leading manufacturers. We are an authorized distributor for all brands listed in this section.

Tablets have become standard gear on many worksites, and for good reason. These handy little devices provide onsite employees with a number of time- and labor-saving benefits. Although compact and lightweight, they can offer immediate access to many computing functions normally associated with relatively large and cumbersome laptop computers. The advantages of tablets for the modern workplace include:

Quick communication – Tablets supply users with multiple options for communicating with other employees in a timely manner. They can send emails and instant messages, launch a quick video conference, log onto third-party platforms, or just make an old-fashioned phone call.

Convenient reporting and documentation – These handheld devices enable employees to take notes and fill out compliance reports wherever they are, in real time, rather than needing to wait until they can get to the office. It’s even possible to snap digital photos and record videos for later analysis.

Digitized checklists – Some worksites require employees to fill out a checklist that records completed maintenance, inventory, or inspection tasks. This used to be a matter of paper and pencils, but today it’s common to put these materials on a tablet in digital form for easy access. Digitized checklists can offer the added benefit of issuing instant guidance to employees on their correct course of action in any situation.

Portable safety/training materials – Tablets also enable employees to carry safety videos, regulatory datasheets, and related instructional materials into the field with them for viewing whenever needed. This can aid in ensuring adherence to best practices.

Conventional tablets have one serious shortcoming, however: They’re unsafe to use in hazardous area worksites. Because these devices can generate heat and sparks, they can potentially ignite flammable dust, gasses, or vapors so often present in these environments. The need to avoid this potential catastrophe has inspired the development of intrinsically safe tablets, also known as explosion-proof tablets. Intrinsically safe tablets are designed to operate safely in hazardous areas—they will not produce heat or sparks capable of igniting the flammable hazardous area.

Exloc carries several intrinsically safe / explosion-proof tablets that not only conform to workplace safety regulations but also include a variety of high-performance options that can boost employee productivity, such as Near Field Communication (NFC), a MicroSD-card slot, and Bluetooth® 5 connectivity, Wi-fi and cellular connectivity and high-resolution cameras.These intrinsically safe tablets also include dust- and water-proof design and a long-lasting battery.

You can also purchase an intrinsically safe tablet case that provides a secure barrier for these handheld devices. For employees that need hands-free equipment, we offer wearable explosion-proof tablets with voice-controlled user interfaces. These types of intrinsically safe tablets are made to fit comfortably with PPE gear and enable the wearer to climb scaffolding or handle equipment while retaining ready access to all the software applications they need.

If you have questions about our explosion-proof / intrinsically safe tablets, intrinsically safe tablet cases, or any other product in our catalog, you can always call Exloc at 281-978-2040 for assistance.

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