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Covert Solutions


Covert Video Overview

The upsurge in the demand for power, water, and communications has required the deployment of more unmanned facilities in order to provide these essential services. Unfortunately, the increase in the number of substations, communication towers, and pumping stations has also meant an increase in the potential of vandalism and theft at these facilities. The risk is not only measured in the loss of equipment and man-hours, but in the potential loss of service and customer goodwill.

Similar vulnerabilities exist at school and business campuses, municipal facilities, and city and town high-crime areas. The financial and even potential human loss can be averted with the proper video surveillance system. To be effective, such a system needs to not only provide live video feeds from the remote facility, but also record on an alarm conditions. The alarm management facility of the system needs to accept alarm inputs from a variety of devices and also be flexible enough to issue a variety of alarm responses. The system need also to be scalable, so necessary expansion of the system is easy and cost-effective. Most importantly, the system must provide these capabilities without the knowledge of the perpetrators.


Industrial Video and Control Co. (IVC) camera systems are a combination of software and IP-based hardware that utilize industry-standard technologies. Our system offers an open architecture that ensures easy installation, true scalability, and straightforward integration of third party products (e.g. legacy cameras, alarm and access control products, control software, etc.).

Our system engineers can design a solution tailored to your application. We will provide specialized camera enclosures that will blend into your environment becoming virtually invisible. We can accommodate any lighting and environmental conditions. We can also provide network connectivity to the cameras using any suitable means available. Our technical professionals will work with you to determine the best combination of camera and networking technology that fits your application.

  • Automated perimeter tours
  • Motion-activated recording
  • Local archiving
  • remote access to live and stored video
  • Multiple connectivity options

Covert Camera System Features:

The distributed and scalable nature of IVC video solutions offers users maximum flexibility when laying out a multi-site video network. In the IVC system, video is distributed to clients by our Relay Server or Longwatch camera management software. In the diagram above, the video feeds from the remote sites can be brought back to a single video server at the Main Office. However, it may be wiser to have a video engines at each site. This facilitates recording at the site and is particularly useful in low bandwidth situations, since only event video clips would be sent to the home office. This distributed architecture also removes a single point of failure. As illustrated, video can be transmitted using a variety of wired and wireless technologies. Let IVC help you design a solution that best suits your needs.

Multiple optical sensor options Easily integrate perimeter security devices
Multiple lens options Wireless or wired options

Application Examples

Pictured above is one example of an IVC covert camera solution. IVC will work with your facilities managers to design the most effective camera and connectivity technologies into the most appropriate enclosures. All outdoor enclosures are designed for use in harsh weather environments; a wide choice of indoor solutions is also available. Even though the box pictured above is designed to be permanently installed at a site, IVC can also design solutions that are more portable. Our temporary surveillance solutions are ideal for law enforcement and homeland security applications.

Asset Protection

To reduce the incidents of copper theft at their remote communication towers, a major telecommunications company approached IVC to build a custom covert surveillance solution. Several high resolution cameras were placed at critical locations around the site. The cameras along with cellular modems, and interfaces for external security devices were hidden in utility boxes. When on-site motion detectors detected an intruder, the facility was illuminated with high intensity lighting and the cameras began recording. Simultaneously, notifications were sent over the cellular connection to company security personnel. When notified, security personnel could then view live video from the site or review any saved video clips to determine appropriate next steps.

Crime Prevention

A California prison was experiencing a high incidence of contraband being smuggled into their facility. In addition to a standard perimeter video security solution, they requested a covert solution to monitor vehicles entering and exiting the facility as well as roadside activity. IVC designed a covert system that incorporated a megapixel camera into a large sign that was already in place some distance outside the facility. IVC designed the camera and a 900 MHz radio into a NEMA box that was attached to the back of the sign. All components were small form factor so as to keep the size of the box to a minimum. AC power was in close proximity to supply necessary power to the unit. A small, imperceptible view hole was drilled into the sign for the camera. With this system in place, on site security personnel were able to covertly view live and recorded video of activity outside the facility. The IVC covert system enabled them to respond quickly to illegal activities and reduce the contraband problem.


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