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Worker Location Tags with Hybrid Technology

The iTAG X10 Wi-Fi tag is ideally suited for location tracking of employees and visitors in Hazardous areas. Suitable for processing units, off shore platforms where POB tracking is required and onboard floating production storage and offloading (FPSO). Certified to ATEX, IECEx and MET standards, the iTAG X10 offers customers the ability to reliably track personnel as they enter, move about and exit any area. Offering access control and emergency response, the iTAG X10 is fully equipped to support increased worker safety and security applications. The iTAG X10 also supports BLE location anchors and can be used as part of a BLE or Wi-Fi based RTLS solution.

The iTAG X20 is an advanced Wi-Fi RTLS tag ideally suited for large processing units where worker safety, productivity management, security and emergency response are critical. For sites with established Wi-Fi networks the iTAG X20 provides an ideal solution for turnarounds. With additional sub-contracted personnel onsite, location tracking is key to ensure safety and efficiency are kept to a high standard. The inclusion of BLE makes this even easier by offering a tag that can work alongside any BLE gateway or anchor to provide a low cost RTLS solution for areas without dense Wi-Fi. In addition, social distancing and man down features make this tag a perfect solution for any process facility.

The iTAG X30 is an advanced worker safety tag ideally suited for sites with minimal Wi-Fi infrastructure. Worker location can be tracked in open areas using the onboard GPS. In these areas Wi-Fi is only used to provide the backhaul of the location data. The iTAG X30 also offers social distancing using the onboard BLE technology. The BLE can also be used alongside BLE gateways and anchors for location tracking in dense processing units where Wi-Fi is limited. This truly hybrid tag is perfect for customer looking to deploy site wide location tracking to improve worker safety, productivity management, security and emergency response.

The Extronics iTAG X-Range is a ground-breaking development in worker location tracking. Forming part of the Extronics RTLS solutions, the iTAG X-Range tags use a multitude of location technologies to provide a hybrid solution capable of dealing with the most challenging process industry use cases.

No one location technology can serve the various scenarios present across the process industries whilst providing the best total cost of ownership. The iTAG X-Range gives customers the flexibility to choose the technology that best serves their use case.

The iTAG X-Range also offers customers the ability to transition between hazardous and non-hazardous areas with a single tag. This level of flexibility and the increased accuracy gained by utilising multiple location technologies is why the iTAG X-Range is the go-to standard for worker location solutions.


Features & Benefits

Site Wide Visibility

Don’t let your large open spaces suffer from poor worker location data due to the prohibitive costs of installing location monitoring infrastructure. The iTAG X30 has built in GPS, reducing the need for dense WiFi deployments in these areas.

Man Down Alarm

A built-in accelerometer detects if a person has fallen from height. If the person is unconscious or immobilised and unable to press the emergency call button, an automatic emergency response event is sent to MobileView to inform first responders of the location.

Social Distancing and Contact Tracing

Proximity alerts ensure all personnel maintain a safe working distance. Extronics Location Selector (ELS) software allows you to act quickly and minimise downtime. Run reports to see who an infected individual has been in contact with and for how long.

Hazardous Area Certified

Fully certified for use in ATEX, IECEx and North American hazardous areas. Accurately locate your workers in hazardous and non-hazardous areas, anytime, anywhere.

Emergency Call Button

Workers can easily raise an alarm if they need help. The iTAG X-Range alerts the MobileView software with the worker’s location, meaning that assistance can be sent without delay to where it’s needed.

Rechargeable Battery

The iTAG X-Range has a rechargeable internal battery, designed to last throughout the duration of multiple shifts. Simply plug the USB charging cable into an Extronics approved USB power supply.


Hybrid Location Technologies

The iTAG X-Range has been designed to leverage GPS, WiFi, LF and BLE in a hybrid configuration for accurate indoor and outdoor location tracking. Areas with a large number of WiFi access points, such as indoor areas or processing areas, can be configured as hybrid zones to make use of multiple technologies. This provides the ELS with as much information as possible to accurately locate workers anywhere on site. In less built-up outdoor environments, such as tank farms or storage yards, the inclusion of GPS technology in the iTAG X30 model means fewer access points are required for accurate location tracking. The main purpose for Wi-Fi in these scenarios is to provide the connectivity for mobile devices and for sending the iTAG X30 location data to the ELS.



Extronics Location Selector (ELS)

Extronics’ proprietary ELS software determines the tag location using a complex algorithm which includes GPS, RSSI trilateration and LF location data. Users can define areas on their site as hybrid zones, making use of multiple technologies to increase location accuracy.

This data is then sent to the location engine and visualised in a third-party platform.


Unidirectional and Bidirectional Options

The iTAG X-Range offers both unidirectional and bidirectional options as part of the emergency call button response process.

Bidirectional options available on the iTAG X20 and iTAG X30 models allow control room operators to send a visual and vibration acknowledgement to the person wearing the tag.


Over-the-Air Updates

The Extronics iTAG X-Range has been designed to grow with customers as their digitalisation strategies take shape. Designed to provide market-leading functionality for years to come, the iTAG X-Range can be updated over-the-air with new features as they become available.


Man-Down Function

The iTAG X-Range of worker location tags have worker safety at its core. Workers in the process industries are often subject to hazards above and beyond their counterparts in other industries. It is essential that any RTLS solution for these environments has been designed with this firmly in mind.

A built-in accelerometer detects if a person has fallen. In the event a person is unconscious and unable to press the emergency call button after a fall, an automatic emergency response event is sent to MobileView to inform first responders of the location.

In the event of a false alarm, users have thirty seconds to deactivate the event alert by simply double tapping the tag.


BLE Trilateration

Working alongside the iTAG X-Range, Extronics BLE Anchor is a highly flexible solution for location tracking. The compact size means the anchors can be easily installed with no need for cables. In addition, the signal strength threshold can be increased or decreased in the ELS to manage location accuracy. The tag receives the signal from the BLE Anchor and measures the RSSI value. It then packages the data along with the BLE identifier and relays the message over WiFi to the ELS.


Automatic Mustering

The iTAG X-Range includes automatic mustering and is managed easily via the MobileView Visibility Software.

In the event of an evacuation scenario, MobileView operators can quickly see who has made it to their defined muster point. Missing personnel can be quickly identified to inform rescue operations and avoid confusion when decisive action is required.



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