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Static Control for Safe Operation of Machinery

For over a decade, IVC has been pushing video beyond standard security surveillance. With our camera management software, video is now an additional sensor that is an integral part of your process. Our software provides the features to not only provide eyes on your facilities and processes 24/7, but to easily integrate other key hardware and software components that are in place. IVC’s broad camera offering and feature-rich video management software help you improve:

Site safety

  • Visually determine status prior to start up
  • Consolidate views of key danger points
  • Monitor personnel during hazardous operations
  • Provide eyes on potentially dangerous system upsets or hazardous areas
  • Provide camera responses to incident or process alarms
  • Record events for safety analysis
  • Reduce the need for on-site personnel

Process Evaluation

  • Visually confirm SCADA indicators
  • Record process for quality evaluation
  • View production activities from remote or other difficult to access process components
  • Reduce the need for continual “on-site” eyes
  • Correlate stored video with historical process data
  • Record operator consoles for evaluation or training
  • Safeguard personnel, assets, the environment, and the public with quicker incident response

Facility Security

  • Monitor facility perimeter and access points
  • Adhere to government security regulations
  • Monitor remote facilities even over low-bandwidth connections
  • Monitor activity around critical or sensitive areas

IVC’s video management software allows you to present video to a variety of clients – from browsers to custom video walls. Our software includes APIs to easily integrate video from your IVC cameras into industry-standard HMI operator screens or proprietary applications.

Learn more about IVC’s video management software products by clicking on the links below:

Lets operators control and view a network of video cameras over a LAN, WAN, VPN, or the Internet.

An operator console that can be customized to meet your exact application requirements.

An alarm integration tool that offers an extremely flexible environment for alarm management.

A complete stand-alone video monitoring solution that can be integrated into existing process control systems.



  • Need to cut operating costs
  • Increased security concerns
  • Need to improve equipment utilization by reducing downtime
  • Regulatory pressures for environmental, public and employee safety, and quality operations
  • Massive turnover (and retirement) of experienced operators

With cameras and Longwatch video management software from IVC, camera video can now be treated as another piece of process data. Features included in IVC’s Longwatch software packages allow you to deliver this video data quickly and in an intuitive format. The result is quicker, better informed decision making.

IVC’s Longwatch video software provides a power platform that is capable of bringing video directly from the farthest reaches of your operations back to the control room. Because it offers the best network flexibility in the industry, your infrastructure investment is leveraged from the past, and protected for the future.

The Longwatch system capabilities are designed specifically for industrial applications:

  • Open architecture enabling a broad variety of cameras and networks
  • Distributed system architecture delivers system scalability and availability
  • Event-based and streaming video for quick notification and operating flexibility
  • And much more

Video Surveillance Video Historian
View Station Console Recorder


The View Station presents a fully featured operator interface to a network of video cameras. Operators are provided camera access and control regardless of location or size of the video network. The View Station features and tools present an open platform with limitless possibilities for integration of legacy or emerging third party software and hardware technologies. View Station provides a scalable architecture providing robust performance for systems of any size.

Create any number of views Simultaneous support of multiple camera models & codecs
Point & click access to video from any camera Alarm management
Event or schedule based system wide automation User-defined button panels
Multi-monitor support


IVC’s Relay Server Software is a web server that provides users single IP address access to a large network of IP cameras. The camera network can be configured, managed, controlled, and viewed remotely.

Quick Start configuration Remote viewing of live and stored video
Single point & click PTZ movement with panoramas Remote control of PTZ cameras
Slaved PTZ controls Configurable button controls


IVC’s Alarm Server is an alarm system integration tool and, along with the IVC View Station client software, a rules-based alarm management product. The Alarm Server enables users to create a reliable and flexible alarm management system.

IVC’s Alarm Server component offers a sophisticated, scalable solution for most critical security and surveillance applications. Since the software is based on state-of-the-art, standards-based interfaces it provides an extremely flexible environment for alarm management. It is a valuable product for those customers looking for powerful alarm management capabilities. For our technology and integrator partners, the Alarm Server is an indispensable integration tool.


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