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Extronics iWAP XN3 Zone 2/Division 2 Universal Wireless Enclosure System

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The iWAP XN3 is a safe, reliable way to use the latest wireless technologies in ATEX and IECEx Zone 2 and 22 and North American Class I, II Division 2 and Zone 2 hazardous areas.

Choose any wireless technology from any vendor – including Wi-Fi access points, LTE routers, UHF RFID readers, IoT gateways including LoRa, WiHART, or ISA100, and more!

Fully certified for hazardous areas

The iWAP XN3 comes complete with all the certification needed for installation in ATEX, IECEx, and North American hazardous areas. You don’t need additional certification, no matter which wireless technology you choose.

Your choice of wireless technology

The iWAP XN3 is a truly universal system – you choose whichever wireless technology you like, from any vendor. That includes Wi-Fi access points, UHF RFID readers, LTE routers, and IoT gateways with technology like LoRa, WiHART, and ISA100.

Use standard, non-certified antennas

The iWAP XN3 includes our leading iSOLATE technology, providing intrinsically safe RF outputs with standard N-type connectors. That means you can use non-certified simple apparatus antennas, giving you more choice, optimal performance, and a lower budget spend.

It also means you can easily connect or disconnect antennas by hand, with no need for special tools, and you don’t need to power down the unit or get a hot work permit either.

If you’re not sure what simple apparatus antennas are, we’re happy to assist. Every antenna in our iANT2xx range has already been evaluated by our engineers and meets all the requirements for simple apparatus.

Effective use of space

The iWAP XN3’s internal chassis packs lots of functionality into a compact space. It’s available in four standard sizes to give you the most space-saving solution that meets your technical needs. Our engineers will review the wireless technology you’ve chosen, alongside your operational requirements, to recommend the most effective size for your application.

For OEM customers and particular use cases requiring non-standard sizes, contact us to discuss your requirements.

Easy installation and low maintenance

Weighing in at around 20kg (depending on your chosen internal wireless technology), the iWAP XN3 is lightweight and easy to maneuver in a variety of locations. With integrated mounting flanges, it’s simple to install on flat surfaces. A pole mount bracket is also available.

The iWAP XN3’s external Ex ec junction box puts practicality are the forefront, allowing the use of simple Ex e or NPT glands. It contains all the connectors you’ll need for your required specification, such as Ethernet RJ45 terminals, console ports, mains power, and fiber options.

The iWAP XN3’s enclosure is high integrity, tightly sealed with minimal atmospheric movement. That means you don’t have to carry out routine nR maintenance testing.

Thermally engineered

The iWAP XN3 has an innovative extruded body with fins that act as heat sinks, reducing the internal temperature of the enclosure, and the white epoxy powder coating also minimizes the impact of solar loading when the enclosure is in direct sunlight. These make the iWAP XN3 a suitable way to deploy wireless technologies in high ambient temperatures.

Highly rugged

Made from marine-grade aluminum and finished with a durable epoxy powder coating, the iWAP XN3 is designed for outdoor installation in harsh industrial environments. It’s IP66 and NEMA 4 rated too, able to withstand exposure to the elements.


iANT212 Compact Wi-Fi Antenna iANT216 Dual Band Wi-Fi Antenna
iANT213 Wi-Fi & GSM Antenna iANT217 Circular UHF Antenna
iANT214 Wi-Fi Antenna iANT218 3×3 MIMO Antenna
iANT215 Low Profile Wi-Fi Antenna iANT221 2×2 MIMO Antenna





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  • Use any wireless technology from any vendor
  • Enable your digital transformation
  • Cost-effective and fully IoT compatible
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • ATEX and IECEx Zone 2 and 22 certified
  • cMETus Class I, II Division 2 and Zone 2 certification

Technical Data

Power Supply Options for PoE/PoE+ (IEEEE 802 af/at), AC or DC Power
Maximum Power Consumption Dependent on wireless device chosen and power supply, see option 4 notes in datasheet
Enclosure Material Marine grade copper-free aluminum alloy, epoxy powder coated
Ingress Protection IP66 and NEMA 4
Enclosure Weight
(approx. excluding AP)
Model 15 – 7.8 kg
Model 24 – 10.3 Kg
Model 30 – 12.0 Kg
Model 36 – 13.7 Kg
Model 15 – 11.54 in x 15.28 in x 8.66 in (height x width x depth)
Model 24 – 15.08 in x 15.28 in x 8.66 in
Model 30 – 17.44 in x 15.28 in x 8.66 in
Model 36 – 19.80 in x 15.28 in x 8.66 in
Operating Temperature

Storage Temperature

Dependent on wireless device chosen, see option 3 notes in datasheet
Relative Humidity 0 to 95%, non-condensing
Input Connections AC/DC Power Options
Via 3-way plug
Incoming network connection
Gigabit Ethernet (including PoE/PoE+) via RJ45 or
8-way spring loaded terminal. Fiber optic options via Dual LC fiber
Console connection (if applicable)
Via RJ 45 or mini–USB B socket
Output Connection Up to 8 galvanically isolated, intrinsically safe external RF outputs
via N-type RF connections. Outputs are suitable for direct or remote
mount antennas. See below for RF output location options. As standard,
all RF outputs on chosen wireless devices will be used. Please discuss with
Extronics, if this is not suitable for your application.





Gas – Group II Category 3 (3) G Ex ec [ic Gc] nR IIC T6 Gc Tamb -40°C to +60°C
Dust – Group II Category 3 D Ex [ic Dc] tc IIIC T85°C Dc Tamb -40°C to +60°C
Gas –Ex ec [ic Gc] nR IIC T6 Gc Tamb -40°C to +60°C
Dust –Ex [ic Dc] tc IIIC T85°C Dc Tamb -40°C to +60°C
cMETus Class I, Div 2, Groups A – D
Class II, Div 2, Groups F – G
Class I, Zone 2 AEx ec ic nR IIC T6 Gc
Class II, Zone 22 AEx ec ic tc IIIC T85°C Dc




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