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RFID & Barcode Systems

We have a large range of intrinsically safe handheld RFID readers and barcode scanners available for use in Class 1 Division 2 and 1 hazardous locations.

With integrated Bluetooth connectivity, they can simply be paired to a host PC or one of our intrinsically safe tablets to provide the ultimate data capture solution for hazardous area use. Loaded with innovative features including vibrate on scan / read plus audible notification, operators know exactly when they have successfully read the RFID tag or scanned the barcode.

For the complete automated maintenance inspection or asset tracking solution combine our intrinsically safe readers and tags with our intuitive, user-friendly software. With Safetytracker, create unique inspection check lists through the desktop platform that are automatically displayed on our handheld devices running the mobile application once an asset RFID tag has been read.

Tagminder provides full visibility of your batch production processes with the capability of printing specific barcode labels to identify raw materials and keep track of their consumption so any potential finished-goods quality issues down the line can easily be traced back to specific lots of raw material.

iRFID500 RFID reader

  • C1D1 and Zone 1 Certified plus general purpose unit
  • Bluetooth connectivity to link to mobile device
  • Lightweight and very rugged
  • Reads UHF passive RFID tags
  • Doubles up as stylus for mobile device

Safetytracker & Tagminder RFID software

  • Automate your maintenance inspections with Safetytracker
  • Assign unique serialized RFID tags to assets to be inspected
  • Automatically bring up specific inspection check list for the asset scanned
  • No more double entry of information, cut down human error and increase productivity
  • Track the movement of assets around your plant with Tagminder

Custom barcode scanning software

  • Custom developed software designed specifically for your requirements
  • Work in progress (WIP) material and batch tracking
  • Print barcodes directly from a tablet or desktop
  • Scan barcodes to consume raw materials
  • Provide lot traceability to maintain high quality standards

Contact Exloc to discuss your barcode scanning software requirements

barcode scanner bcs 160ex

Bluetooth barcode scanners

  • Available with C1D1 or C1D2 certification
  • Bluetooth connectivity to link to mobile device
  • Long scanning range <15m 1D barcodes
  • Ergonomic pistol grip designs
  • Scan both 1D and 2D barcodes

iTAG500 Passive RFID tags

  • Full range of intrinsically safe, certified passive RFID tags
  • UHF FCC and EU versions both available
  • Ultra-rugged high temperature rating options
  • Screw, rivet or use adhesive to fix onto assets
  • Excellent read signal, on, off and near metals and liquids

iRFID100 RFID Reader

  • Fixed RFID reader solutions for C1D1 and Zone 1 hazardous areas
  • Integrate many different types of RFID readers
  • Long-range tag reading due to remarkably low insertion loss from RF barrier
  • Remote mount the antennas with standard coax cable for optimum tag reads
  • Integrates with Tagminder software to create an asset or material tracking system


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