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iSHIELD Lone Worker Protector


The iSHIELD Lone Worker Protector App is an Android-based app for smartphones, specifically created to improve safety for workers in hazardous areas. It’s designed to integrate with the AeroScout MobileView software, enabling real-time monitoring of all workers from a single interface.

Almost every day, there are reports of injuries to workers in hazardous areas; sometimes, even fatalities.  In an emergency situation, the time taken to respond can make the difference between life and death. The iSHIELD Lone Worker Protector App is specifically designed to improve this emergency response time. As well as raising an alert if the worker should suffer an impact, fall, or unexpectedly stop moving, the GPS tracking system means that a rescue team can go straight to where they’re needed. Alerts can also be triggered manually, so a worker in need of assistance can be reassured that back up is swiftly on its way.

A purpose‐built solution for improving worker safety in hazardous areas and harsh environments.

  • Automatic and manual alerts
  • Can be used in ATEX and IECEx Zones 1, 2, 21, and 22 with Android Smartphones
  • Emergency alarm
  • Fully customizable
  • Class 1, Division 1 Hazardous Area Certification
  • Complete location history available
  • Immediate alerts ‐ iSHIELD automatically detects man down events and raises the alarm
  • Manual assistance requests using touchscreen and hardware buttons
  • Individually customizable settings, tailored to particular workflows
  • GPS tracking system gives continually updating location
  • Low power consumption ‐ over 12 hours of battery life
  • Smartphone‐based, it’s convenient and lightweight
  • Continuous monitoring of MobileView and GPS connections
  • Emergency alarm sounded at man down locations
  • Easy to use and quick to operate in emergencies
  • Powerful MobileView software
Hazardous area capable Works with the intrinsically safe Android Smartphone, which is certified for use in ATEX and IECEx Zones 1, 2, 21, and 22, so workers can carry iSHIELD protection with them into hazardous areas as well as safe zones
Automatic alerts Uses smartphone’s accelerometer to detect if a worker suffers a fall, a change in orientation, or a prolonged period of non-movement and immediately sends an alert message to the MobileView software
Manual alerts Workers can quickly and easily request assistance using either the touchscreen emergency button or the smartphone’s external button
GPS tracking Provides continually updating location information, avoiding search delays in an emergency
Convenient and lightweight Smartphone-based, iSHIELD easily travels with workers as they carry out their duties
Low power consumption Ensures that the smartphone battery lasts throughout long shifts
Fully customisable settings Allows iSHIELD to be tailored to each worker’s individual workflows, avoiding false alarms
Stay connected iSHIELD constantly monitors the health of its connections to MobileView and to the GPS system, alerts the user to possible issues, and automatically recovers from any disruptions
Emergency alarm As well as sending an alert message to MobileView, iSHIELD also sounds an auditory alarm from the smartphone in the case of an emergency to help guide response teams to the worker
Integrated with MobileView Creates a complete and detailed record of alerts for audit trails, as well as providing a user-friendly interface from which to manage multiple alerts


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