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i.safe MOBILE IS-DCTH1.1 Desktop Charger for IS-TH1xx.1 Trigger Handle

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The IS-DCTH1.1 Desktop Charger for charging the IS530.1 Intrinsically Safe (C1/D1) Smartphone used in the IS-TH1xx.1 Trigger Handle. This enables convenient charging without having to remove the IS530.1 from the Trigger Handle. The Desktop Charger has a charging indicator. Size: 5.51″ x 4.13″ x 1.97″ (L x W x H).Made to hold the IS530.1 Intrinsically Safe (C1/D1) Smartphone with the  IS-TH1 Barcode Scanner Trigger Handle.
We are an authorized i.safe MOBILE distributor shipping to locations in North America

Introducing the IS-DCTH1.1 Desktop Charger

In hazardous-area environments, ensuring the highest standards of safety without compromising on efficiency is a challenge—but it is a challenge that must be faced in order to maximize productivity. The IS-DCTH1.1 Desktop Charger, designed to be used in conjunction with the IS530.1 Intrinsically Safe (C1/D1) Smartphone and the IS-TH1xx.1 Trigger Handle, is a very useful tool that can function in many types of hazardous environments. It allows the user to charge up their device on the spot, without needing to remove the trigger handle.

Barcode Scanning in Hazardous Environments

Barcode scanning is essential in hazardous settings for many reasons. It aids in quick identification of materials, which tends to be helpful in ensuring their proper handling, storage, and disposal. Such instant identification and data transfer can also be vital in emergencies by allowing for quick action to minimize safety risks. The IS530.1, which is the first Bluetooth® 5.0 industrial smartphone with a multifunctional ISM interface, is an excellent smartphone for this purpose. With a colossal internal memory of 64 GB and a camera resolution that stands unrivaled in its class, it’s ideal for safe, efficient operations in hazardous environments.

Adding to its capabilities is the IS-TH1xx.1 Trigger Handle, which transforms the IS530.1 into a quick, flexible scanning device. Whether it’s a barcode close-up or over 15 meters away, the Trigger Handle can perform precise and swift scanning of both 1D and 2D barcodes, including UPCs, QR codes, and more. Its direct data transfer capability via the ISM interface aids worker efficiency. It gets its power supply from the connected device, which eliminates the need for an external battery and permits uninterrupted operation.

The IS-DCTH1.1 Desktop Charger: Redefining Convenience

The IS530.1 and the Trigger Handle are complemented and enhanced by the IS-DCTH1.1 Desktop Charger. One of the most significant challenges with electronic devices, even in conventional settings, is the constant need for charging. This becomes even more critical in hazardous environments where every moment counts.

The IS-DCTH1.1 Desktop Charger was designed to accommodate the on-the-go requirements of workers in such settings. What really sets it apart is its capability to charge the IS530.1 smartphone even when it’s mounted on the Trigger Handle. This feature eliminates the need to detach the phone from the handle, so that the device is always ready for action. That can be a huge benefit in busy work environments.

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We are an authorized i.safe MOBILE distributor shipping to locations in North America.


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