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TASSTA develops professional applications for communication over broadband networks. With customer requirements at the center of their business, their value proposition is: If you can think it, we can do it.

Their applications, combined with CBRS Private Cellular Network, provide Mission Critical Push-to-Talk, Push-to-Video, GPS location and Indoor localization, Task manager, Patrol control, legacy radio network integration and much more.

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A Push-to-Talk service provides an arbitrated method by which two or more users engage in communication. Users may request permission to transmit (traditionally, by pressing a dedicated button).

The MCPTT service is intended to support communication between several users (a group call), where each user has the ability to receive the permission to talk in an arbitrated manner. However, the MCPTT service also supports private calls between pairs of users.

    • Private Call 1 — 1
    • First to answer Call 1 — 1/many
    • Ambience Listening Call
    • Remote Ambience Listening
    • Group Call 1 — many
    • Chat Call 1 — many
    • Broadcast Call 1 — many
    • Temporary Groups
    • Network On/Off
    • Priority Modes

MCVIDEO – Mission Critical VIDEO

The term Mission Critical refers to meeting the needs of agencies providing public safety services such as police, fire brigades and ambulance services. Those needs include high reachability, availability and reliability of the service, low latency, real-time operating capabilities, highly secured operations, private and group communications, handling of emergencies and ability to provide prioritization.

    • Video Streaming
    • Surveillance cameras
    • Unmanned aerial vehicles

MCDATA – Mission Critical DATA

MCData is a service for Mission Critical Data Operations. In addition to voice services, today’s Mission Critical Users have been increasing their use of data services, including low throughput services on legacy networks and data services on commercial networks.

This need will continue to grow with the creation of new multimedia services. The MCData service needs to provide a means to manage all data connections by Mission Critical Users in the field and provide relevant resources to the ones who need them.

    • Short Instant Messaging (private / group)
    • File Sharing
    • Location Sharing


TASSTA Mission Critical services greatly simplify administrative tasks by allowing you to perform bulk operations with groups of users rather than having to configure them one by one.

Offline Delivery

TASSTA Mission Critical services are always can keep you informed, As soon as the user joins a group or is authorized for MCData, it automatically receives all cached messages and files.

Availability status

TASSTA Mission-Critical client applications displays the online status of other users from the contact list. The client also indicates whether certain mission critical services are available to another user.

Hardware compatibility

Extend Mission Critical services to your existing user equipment. TASSTA Mission-Critical clients support a variety of specialized devices with hardware PTT and emergency buttons: professional mobile radios, headsets, specialized remote speaker microphones, and the like.

Automatic updates

TASSTA Mission Critical client applications automatically check for newer versions and can perform automatic updates. Depending on the settings, the update either requires the user’s confirmation or is performed automatically.

System administrator can provide approved distributives and configure the delivery policy on a server.

Delayed delivery

TASSTA Mission Critical client applications can handle temporal network failures or server outages, automatically delivering the messages once the connection is restored.

Licence pool

Flexible license management allows a system administrator to distribute the available licenses across multiple Mission Critical domains.


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